sebutan: IPA: /ruːt/ ɹuːt /rʊt/ , SAMPA: /ru:t/        

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  • akar 
    (Noun  )
    of a plant
    The absorbing and anchoring organ of a vascular plant; it bears neither leaves nor flowers and is usually subterranean.
  • اکر 
    The absorbing and anchoring organ of a vascular plant; it bears neither leaves nor flowers and is usually subterranean.
  • akar kata 

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(philology) A word from which another word or words are derived.
root (user)
coarse slang: have sexual intercourse
arithmetic: number or expression which when raised to a power gives the specified number or expression
Origin, beginning of an event, a condition or a period
rummage, root out
The part of a tooth extending into the bone holding the tooth in place.
(linguistics) The primary lexical unit of a word, which carries the most significant aspects of semantic content and cannot be reduced into smaller constituents. Inflectional stems often derive from roots.
The part of a hair under the skin that holds the hair in place.
(graph theory, computing) The single node of a tree that has no parent.
(arithmetic) Of a number or expression, a number which, when raised to a specified power, yields the specified number or expression.
The part of a hair near the skin that has not been dyed, permed, or otherwise treated.
computing: user account at the root of the directory structure
(computing) The person who manages accounts on a UNIX system.
(Australian, New Zealand coarse slang) An act of sexual intercourse.
(Australian, New Zealand coarse slang) A sexual partner.
A word from which another word or words are derived.
analysis: zero of a function
(Australian, New Zealand, vulgar, slang) An act of sexual intercourse.
The part of a plant, generally underground, that absorbs water and nutrients. thumb|Some roots (2)
(analysis) A zero (of a function).
philology: word from which another word or words are derived
of a tooth
The highest or uppermost level in a hierarchically organized set of information. The root is the point from which further subsets are branched in a logical sequence that moves from a broad or general focus to narrower perspectives.
graph theory: a designated node in a tree
(computing) The highest directory of a directory structure which may contain both files and subdirectories. In PC-based systems the number of entries in a root directory may be limited whereas the number entries in subdirectories is unlimited.
(arithmetic) A square root (understood if no power is specified; in which case, “the root of” is often abbreviated to “root”).
To rummage, to search as if by digging in soil, to root out.
(computing) In UNIX terminology, the first user account with complete access to the operating system and its configuration, found at the root of the directory structure.
coarse slang: act of sexual intercourse
of a hair
(US) To cheer to show support for a sports team, etc.
person who manages accounts on a UNIX system
The primary source.
(Australian, New Zealand, vulgar, slang) To have sexual intercourse.
(to) root

Ungkapan-ungkapan yang sama di dalam kamus Inggeris Bahasa Melayu. (5)

cube rootpunca kuasa tiga
root directorydirektori akar
root elementunsur akar
root folderfolder akar
square rootpunca kuasa dua

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Square rootPunca kuasa dua
The ROOTN() function returns the non-negative nth root of xFungsi ROOTN () mengembalikan punca ke-n bukan negatif bagi x
& Use direct connection (might need root permissions& Gunakan sambungan terus (mungkin perlukan keizinan dasar
Warn If Root Certificate Expires Select the minimum number of days the root certificate should be valid without issuing a warning. The recommended SPHINX setting is ‧ daysBeri amaran jika sijil root luput Pilih bilangan hari minimum yang sijil root sepatutnya masih sah tanpa perlu mengeluarkan amaran. Seting SPHINX yang dicadangkan ialah ‧ hari
The action you requested needs root privileges. Please enter root 's password below or click Ignore to continue with your current privilegesTindakan yang anda minta memerlukan kebenaran root. Sila masukkan kata laluan root di bawah atau klik Abaikan untuk meneruskan dengan kebenaran semasa
An error occurred while trying to share folder '%‧ '. Make sure that the Perl script 'fileshareset ' is set suid rootRalat berlaku semasa cuba berkongsi folder ' % ‧ '. Pastikan skrip Perl ' fileshareset ' adalah set suid root
If the lock is closed, you do n't have the right permissions to edit the init configuration. Either restart %‧ as root (or another more privileged user), or ask your sysadmin to install %‧ suid or sgid. The latter way is not recommended though, due to security issuesJika pasak ditutup, anda tidak mempunyai keizinan yang tepat untuk mengedit konfigurasi awal. Sama ada mulakan semula % ‧ sebagai root (atau pengguna lebih istimewa lain), atau minta pentadbir sistem anda memasang % ‧ suid atau sgid. Namun, cara sgid tidak disarankan disebabkan oleh isu keselamatan
The SQRT() function returns the non-negative square root of the argument. It is an error if the argument is negativeFungsi SQRT () mengembalikan punca ganda dua bukan negatif bagi x. Jika x negatif, " NaN " akan dikembalikan
Remote root user (RemoteRoot) The name of the user assigned to unauthenticated accesses from remote systems. By default " remroot ". ex: remrootBuat bukan e Jauh unama dari kepada default tDo not translate the keyword between brackets (e. g. ServerName, ServerAdmin, etc
User (User) The user the server runs under. Normally this must be lp, however you can configure things for another user as needed. Note: the server must be run initially as root to support the default IPP port of ‧. It changes users whenever an external program is run... ex: lpBuat bukan e Pengguna Pengguna anda for kepada liang dari adalah tDo not translate the keyword between brackets (e. g. ServerName, ServerAdmin, etc
Run in the root XWindowLaksanakan di dalam TetingkapX root
Server files (ServerRoot) The root directory for the scheduler. By default/etc/cups. ex:/etc/cupsBuat bukan e Pelayan fail-fail for default tDo not translate the keyword between brackets (e. g. ServerName, ServerAdmin, etc
Root authorization requiredPengesahan root diperlukan
Mount root filesystem & read-onlyLekapkan sistem fail root & baca-sahaja
in the wake of recent terrorist attacks, do you guys think there' s a place for a discussion about ethics when we' re talking about the root causes of terrorism?Menghangatnya serangan teroris akhir- akhir ini...... menurut kalian, apakah ada tempat untuk membahas tentang etika...... ketika kita sedang membahas akar penyebab dari terorisme?
Document RootDokumen untuk dibuka
Unknown error. If you have a cd in the drive try running cdparanoia-vsQ as yourself (not root). Do you see a track list? If not, make sure you have permission to access the CD device. If you are using SCSI emulation (possible if you have an IDE CD writer) then make sure you check that you have read and write permissions on the generic SCSI device, which is probably/dev/sg‧,/dev/sg‧, etc.. If it still does not work, try typing audiocd:/?device=/dev/sg‧ (or similar) to tell kio_audiocd which device your CD-ROM isRalat tidak diketahui. Jika anda mempunyai cd di dalam pemacu, cuba jalankan sendiri cdparanoia-vsQ (bukan root). Anda nampak senarai trek? Jika tidak, pastikan anda dibenarkan mengakses peranti CD. Jika anda menggunakan emulasi SCSI (jika anda mempunyai penulis CD IDE), pastikan anda telah membaca dan menulis kebenaran pada peranti SCSI generik, iaitu mungkin/dev/sg‧,/dev/sg‧ dan sebagainya. Jika ia masih tidak berfungsi, cuba taip audiocd:/? device=/dev/sg‧ (atau seumpamanya) untuk memberitahu kio_ audiocd peranti yang mana adalah CD-ROM anda
The SQRTPI() function returns the non-negative square root of x * PI. It is an error if the argument is negativeFungsi SQRT () mengembalikan punca ganda dua bukan negatif bagi x. Jika x negatif, " NaN " akan dikembalikan
Check this option if you want to run X‧ programs that draw into the desktop such as xsnow, xpenguin or xmountain. If you have problems with applications like netscape that check the root window for running instances, disable this optionTsemak opsyen ini jika anda mahu menjalankan program X‧ yang melukis dalam desktop seperti xsnow, xpenguin atau xmountain. Jika anda hadapi masalah dengan aplikasi seperti netscape yang menyemak tetingkap root untuk menjalankan kejadian, nyahaktifkan opsyen ini
Display in Root WindowPaparan di tetingkap rootName
Enter the root passwordBerikan Kata Laluan root
Create & root/affix combinations not in dictionaryCipta kombinasi & root/penambah tiada dalam kamus
If the Sticky flag is set on a folder, only the owner and root can delete or rename files. Otherwise everybody with write permissions can do thisJika bendera Melekit diset dalam folder, hanya pemilik dan root boleh menghapuskan atau menamakan semula fail. Jika tidak, sesiapa yang ada keizinan tulis boleh melakukannya
Run in the root XWindowLaksanakan dalam XWindow root
You must login as root to mount this diskAnda mesti login sebagai root untuk melekapkan cakera ini
Laman Paparan 1. Found 74 frasa ayat-ayat yang hampir sama root.Yang ditemui di 2.752 ms.Kenangan terjemahan yang dicipta oleh manusia, tetapi selaras dengan komputer, yang mungkin menyebabkan kesilapan. Mereka datang daripada pelbagai sumber dan tidak diperiksa. Diberi amaran.