sebutan: IPA: /dɛɫtə/ dɛɫtə    

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  • delta 
    fourth letter of modern Greek alphabet

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(surveying) The angle subtended at the center of a circular arc.
(computing) The set of differences between two versions of a file.
A landform at the mouth of a river where it empties into a body of water.
phonetic symbol
mathematical symbol
(mathematics) The symbol Δ .
The fourth letter of the modern Greek alphabet Δ, δ.
(phonetics) δ In the IPA, the symbol that represents the voiced dental fricative, the hard th in the English word father ; frequently represented by the Icelandic eth ( ð ).
(computing, informal) A small but noticeable effect, compare with epsilon.
A delta is a vast, fan-shaped creation of land, or low-lying plain, formed from successive layers of sediment washed from uplands to the mouth of some rivers, such as the Nile, the Mississippi and the Ganges. The nutrient-rich sediment is deposited by rivers at the point where, or before which, the river flows into the sea. Deltas are formed when rivers supply and deposit sediments more quickly that they can be removed by waves of ocean currents. The importance of deltas was first discovered by prehistoric man, who was attracted to them because of their abundant animal and plant life. Connecting waterways through the deltas later provided natural routes for navigation and trade, and opened up access to the interior. Deltas are highly fertile and often highly populated areas. They would be under serious threat of flooding from any sea-level rise.(Source: WRIGHT)
The letter D in the ICAO spelling alphabet, which assigns words to letters of the alphabet.
the letter "D"

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en Delta Row Compression
ms Pemampatan Baris Delta
en DELTA(‧; TRUE) returns
ms DELTA(‧; TRUE) mengembalikan
en DELTA(‧; ‧) returns
ms DELTA(‧; ‧) mengembalikan
en The DELTA() function returns ‧ if x equals y, otherwise returns ‧. y defaults to
ms Fungsi DELTA () mengembalikan ‧ jika x sama dengan y, jika tidak mengembalikan ‧. y piawai ke
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