sebutan: IPA: /ˈhæm.ə(ɹ)/ ˈhæmɚz hæmər /ˈhæmɚ/ , SAMPA: /"h{m@`/ /"h{m.@(r)/      

Penterjemahan ke dalam Bahasa Melayu:

  • tukul 
    (Noun  )
    A tool with a heavy head and a handle used for pounding.
  • martil 
  • palu 
  • penukul 

Maksud-maksud lain:

To strike repeatedly with a hammer or some other implement.
part of a firearm
(music) In a piano or dulcimer, a piece of wood covered in felt that strikes the string.
(to) hammer
(curling) The last rock in an end.
(sports) A device made of a heavy steel ball attached to a length of wire, and used for throwing.
(sports) To hit particularly hard.
The part of a firearm that hits the back of the bullet and sets it off, firing the gun.
A bone in the middle ear, in between the eardrum and the anvil.
To strike repeatedly with a hammer, some other implement, the fist, etc.
(figuratively) To emphasize a point repeatedly.
piano part
(figuratively, sports) To defeat (a person, a team) resoundingly
(anatomy) The malleus.
To create and mold by hammering.
(Ultimate Frisbee) A frisbee throwing style in which the disc is held upside-down with a forehand grip and thrown above the head.
A moving part of a firearm that strikes the firing pin to discharge a gun.
(iron) hammer
to strike repeatedly with a hammer, some other implement, the fist, etc
To strike internally, as if hit by a hammer.

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hammer and sickleTukul dan sabit; tukul dan sabit

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Hammer, I want to know what you' re gonna do for usHammer, aku ingin tahu apa yang bisa kamu lakukan untuk kami?
Sledge Hammer break rocksSledge Hammer rehat batu
Justin Hammer' s making a weapons presentation at the expoJustin Hammer akan mempresentasikan persenjataannya di ekspo
Get Hammer down here to weaponize itMinta Hammer kemari untuk mempersenjatainya
We' il go first, hammer as deep as we can, then blow our EMPKami pergi duluan, menggali sedalam mungkin, lalu meledakkan EMP kami
How did Hammer get in here?Hammer terlibat?- bagaimana bisa ia disana?
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