sebutan: IPA: /ˈɔːdə/ /ˈɔɹdɚ/ ˈɔːdə , SAMPA: /"O:d@/ /"Ord@`/      

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  • order 
  • perintah 
  • susunan 

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To place a request for goods at a company.
A direction or command of a court. In this sense it is often used synonymously with judgment.
(uncountable) Arrangement, disposition, sequence.
(order theory) The relation on a partially ordered set that determines that it in fact a partically ordered set.
to issue a command
good arrangement
(software) instruction
ordering (materials)
(countable, biology, taxonomy) A rank in the classification of organisms, below class and above family; a taxon at that rank
request for some product or service
partially ordered set
(cricket) The sequence in which a side’s batsmen bat; the batting order.
To set in (any) order (1).
(graph theory) The number of vertices in a graph
(countable) A decoration, awarded by a government, a dynastic house, or a religious body to an individual, usually for distinguished service to a nation or to humanity.
To express as instruction to be executed by the receiver, in accordance with an authority acknowledged by him.
(countable) A command.
tell on (someone)
A formal association of people with similar interests.
(order theory) A partially ordered set.
(countable) A request for some product or service.
A command given by a superior (e.g., a military or law enforcement officer) that must be obeyed.
That which is enjoined or ordered to someone by a superior authority.
to request some product or service
A group of person living under a religious rule.
(mathematics) The cardinality, or number of elements in a set or related structure.
Graphtheory - a number of vertices in a graph
(mathematics) The highest exponent appearing in a polynomial.
(countable) A group of religious adherents, especially monks or nuns, set apart within their religion by adherence to a particular rule or set of principles; as, the Jesuit Order.
A degree in a continuum of size or quantity.
Chemistry - a number of a chemical reaction
highest exponent in a polynomial
A biological taxon, a group of species, part of a class and consisting of one or more families
awarded decoration
(chemistry) The overall power of the rate law of a chemical reaction, expressed as a polynomial function of concentrations of reactants and products.
to set in (a good) order
society of knights
Electronics - a power of polynomial function in a circuit’s block
A condition of regular or proper arrangement.
To issue a command.
(electronics) a power of polynomial function in an electronic circuit’s block, such as a filter, an amplifier, etc.
(to) bid
To give instructions to or direct somebody to do something with authority.
(uncountable) The state of being well arranged.
order (one’s life)
Cricket - The sequence in which a side’s batsmen bat
to set in (any) order
To set in (a good) order (2).
(maintain, observe) social (public) order
(Catholic) order
A confirmed request for delivery of goods and services based on specified terms. An order is a quote that has been accepted by a customer.
religious group
(countable) A society of knights; as, the Order of the Garter, the Order of the Bath.
To request some product or service.
Biology - taxonomical classification
That which is enjoined or ordered to one or several persons by a superior authority.
arrangement, disposition
The document bearing the seal of the court recording its judgment in a case.

Ungkapan-ungkapan yang sama di dalam kamus Inggeris Bahasa Melayu. (6)

content type order
susunan jenis kandungan
descending order
tertib menurun
Going out for dessert can bring you and your partner closer. Order something nice, the nicer the better. Then eat it slowly with each other.
Melangkah keluar utk pencuci mulut boleh membawa anda dan pasangan anda dengan lebih dekat. Perintah sesuatu yang baik, lebih bagus lebih baik. Pastu makan perlahan-lahan dgn satu sama lain.
postal order
wang pos
sort order
tertib isihan
word order
urutan kata

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en No one ordered fighters to perform any timely defensive action against the remaining hijacked planes
ms Tidak ada yang memerintahkan para pejuang, melaksanakan manuver keselamatan melawan sisa pesawat dibajak
en Send the action to the instance highest in the window stacking order
ms Hantar tindakan ke kejadian & tertinggi dalam tertib tindan tetingkap
en Press this button to select your favorite email client. Please note that the file you select has to have the executable attribute set in order to be accepted. You can also use several placeholders which will be replaced with the actual values when the email client is called: %t: Recipient 's address %s: Subject %c: Carbon Copy (CC) %b: Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) %B: Template body text %A: Attachment
ms Tekan butang ini untuk memilih klien emel kesukaan anda. SIla ambil perhatian bahawa fail yang anda pilih hendaklah mempunyai set atribut boleh laksana sebelum diterima. Anda boleh gunakan beberapa cara yang membolehkan gantian dengan nilai sebenar apabila klien emel dipanggil: % t: Alamat penerima % s: Subjek % c: Salinan Karbon (CC) % b: Salinan Karbon Blind (BCC) % B: Teks Templat Badan % A: Lampiran
en A 'From ' email address must be configured in order to execute email alarms
ms Satu alamat e-mel ' Daripada ' mesti dikonfigur untuk melaksanakan penggera e-mel. KMail folder name: this should be translated the same as in kmail
en Must be thousands of crate orders
ms Pasti ada ribuan pesanan
en Sort a group of cells in ascending(first to last) order
ms Isih kumpulan sel dalam tertib menaik (dari pertama ke terakhir
en System group (SystemGroup) The group name for " System " (printer administration) access. The default varies depending on the operating system, but will be sys, system, or root (checked for in that order). ex: sys
ms Buat bukan e Sistem kumpulan kumpulan unama for Sistem pencetak default on sistem sistem atau for in tDo not translate the keyword between brackets (e. g. ServerName, ServerAdmin, etc
en In order to use the '%‧ ' key as a shortcut, it must be combined with the Win, Alt, Ctrl, and/or Shift keys
ms Untuk menggunakan kekunci % ‧ sebagai jalan pintas, ia mesti digabungkan dengan kekunci Win, Alt, Ctrl dan/atau Shift
en %‧ coefficients are needed for a polynom with order %
ms Pekali % ‧ diperlukan untuk polinom dengan tertib %
en In the exercise of his rights and freedoms , everyone shall be subject only to such limitations as are determined by law solely for the purpose of securing due recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others and of meeting the just requirements of morality , public order and the general welfare in a democratic society .
ms Dalam mengamalkan hak-hak dan kebebasannya , setiap orang tertakluk hanya kepada batasan-batasan seperti yang ditentukan oleh undang-undang semata-mata bagi tujuan menjamin pengiktirafan dan penghormatan yang sepatutnya terhadap hak-hak dan kebebasan orang lain dan untuk mendekati keperluan-keperluan sepatutnya bagi akhlak , ketenteraman awam dan kebajikan umum dalam suatu masyarakat yang demokratik .
en In order to delete a backup profile, the backup profile to be deleted must be selected in the tree first
ms Untuk menghapuskan profil sandaran, profil sandaran yang hendak dihapuskan mesti dipilih dalam pepohon dulu
en The image " %‧ " may have more colors than the current screen mode can support. In order to display it, some color information may be removed. If you save this image, any color loss will become permanent. To avoid this issue, increase your screen depth to at least %‧bpp and then restart KolourPaint
ms Imej " % ‧ " mungkin mempunyai lebih banyak warna daripada mod skrin semasa. Untuk memaparkannya, beberapa warna akan ditukarkan. Cuba tambah kedalaman skrin anda sekurang-kurangnya kepada % ‧bpp
en Leave it up to Jacob to find a way around Sam' s gag order
ms Biarkan Jake untuk cari cara elak arahan tutup mulut Sam
en Job Priority Usually CUPS prints all jobs per queue according to the " FIFO " principle: First In, First Out. The job priority option allows you to re-order the queue according to your needs. It works in both directions: you can increase as well as decrease priorities. (Usually you can only control your own jobs). Since the default job priority is " ‧ ", any job sent with, for example, " ‧ " will be printed only after all those others have finished. Conversely, a " ‧ " or higher priority job will go right to the top of a populated queue (if no other, higher prioritized one is present). Additional hint for power users: This KDEPrint GUI element matches with the CUPS commandline job option parameter:-o job-priority=... ‧ example: " ‧ " or " ‧ " or " ‧ "
ms Keutamaan Kerja Biasanya CUPS mencetak semua kerja setiap baris gilir mengikut prinsip " MDKD ": Masuk Dulu, Keluar Dulu. Opsyen keutamaan ini membenarkan anda menyusun semula baris gilir mengikut keperluan. Ia berfungsi dikedua-dua arah: anda boleh menambah dan juga mengurangkan keutamaan. (Biasanya anda hanya boleh mengawal kerja sendiri sahaja). Oleh kerana keutamaan kerja piawai ialah " ‧ ", sebarang kerja yang dihantar dengan, contohnya, " ‧ " akan dicetak hanya selepas semua yang lain telah selesai dicetak. Sebaliknya, " ‧ " atau keutamaan kerja yang lebih tinggi akan terus ke kedudukan teratas baris gilir yang banyak itu (jika tiada lagi, keutamaan yang lebih tinggi akan hadir). Panduan tambahan untuk pengguna kuasa: Elemen KDEPrint GUI ini sepadan dengan parameter opsyen baris arahan kerja CUPS:-o kerja-keutamaan=... ‧ contohnya: " ‧ " atau " ‧ " atau " ‧ "
en Synonyms/Hypernyms-Ordered by Frequency
ms Sinonim/Hipernim-Tertib mengikut Frekuensi
en The captain of the ship is giving orders
ms Kapten kapal memberikan perintah
en I nominate Lord Blackwood as head of the Order
ms Lord Blackwood kucalonkan sebagai kepala Orde
en This link references the next document in an ordered series of documents
ms Pautan ini merujuk dokumen berikutnya menurut siri dokumen bertertib
en Services Preference Order
ms Susuan Servis Keutamaan
en They have an order for this to work for the murder of
ms Mereka memiliki perintah untuk bekerja atas pembunuhan
en You need to add an account in the network section of the settings in order to receive mail
ms Anda perlu tambah satu akaun dalam seting bahagian jaringan supaya boleh menerima mel
en A file share/kdeprint/specials. desktop was found in your local KDE directory. This file probably comes from a previous KDE release and should be removed in order to manage global pseudo printers
ms Fail share/kdeprint/specials. desktop ditemui dalam direktori KDE setempat anda. Fail ini kemungkinan besar datang dari keluaran KDE sebelumnya dan sepatutnya dikeluarkan untuk menguruskan pencetak pseudoglobal
en The polynom order has to be between ‧ and ‧ inclusive
ms Tertib polinom mestilah di antara dan termasuk ‧ dengan
en Edit Tab Order
ms Edit Tertib Tab
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