sebutan: IPA: /ruːt/ ɹuːt /rʊt/ , SAMPA: /ru:t/        

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  • akar 
    (Noun  )
    of a plant
    The absorbing and anchoring organ of a vascular plant; it bears neither leaves nor flowers and is usually subterranean.
    part of a plant
  • اکر 
    The absorbing and anchoring organ of a vascular plant; it bears neither leaves nor flowers and is usually subterranean.
    part of a plant
  • akar kata 

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(computing) In UNIX terminology, the first user account with complete access to the operating system and its configuration, found at the root of the directory structure.
(Australian, New Zealand coarse slang) An act of sexual intercourse.
graph theory: a designated node in a tree
(Australian, New Zealand coarse slang) A sexual partner.
(analysis) A zero (of a function).
(Australian, New Zealand, vulgar, slang) An act of sexual intercourse.
arithmetic: number or expression which when raised to a power gives the specified number or expression
analysis: zero of a function
Origin, beginning of an event, a condition or a period
computing: user account at the root of the directory structure
(US) To cheer to show support for a sports team, etc.
The part of a tooth extending into the bone holding the tooth in place.
The part of a plant, generally underground, that absorbs water and nutrients. thumb|Some roots (2)
The part of a hair under the skin that holds the hair in place.
(arithmetic) A square root (understood if no power is specified; in which case, “the root of” is often abbreviated to “root”).
(computing) The highest directory of a directory structure which may contain both files and subdirectories. In PC-based systems the number of entries in a root directory may be limited whereas the number entries in subdirectories is unlimited.
root (user)
A word from which another word or words are derived.
(Australian, New Zealand, vulgar, slang) To have sexual intercourse.
person who manages accounts on a UNIX system
philology: word from which another word or words are derived
(linguistics) The primary lexical unit of a word, which carries the most significant aspects of semantic content and cannot be reduced into smaller constituents. Inflectional stems often derive from roots.
The highest or uppermost level in a hierarchically organized set of information. The root is the point from which further subsets are branched in a logical sequence that moves from a broad or general focus to narrower perspectives.
(graph theory, computing) The single node of a tree that has no parent.
rummage, root out
The part of a hair near the skin that has not been dyed, permed, or otherwise treated.
of a hair
of a tooth
(arithmetic) Of a number or expression, a number which, when raised to a specified power, yields the specified number or expression.
coarse slang: have sexual intercourse
(to) root
To rummage, to search as if by digging in soil, to root out.
The primary source.
(computing) The person who manages accounts on a UNIX system.
(philology) A word from which another word or words are derived.
coarse slang: act of sexual intercourse

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cube rootpunca kuasa tiga
root directorydirektori akar
root elementunsur akar
root folderfolder akar
square rootpunca kuasa dua

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Server binaries (ServerBin) The root directory for the scheduler executables. By default/usr/lib/cups or/usr/lib‧/cups (IRIX ‧). ex:/usr/lib/cupsBuat bukan e Pelayan for default atau tDo not translate the keyword between brackets (e. g. ServerName, ServerAdmin, etc
Data directory (DataDir) The root directory for the CUPS data files. By default/usr/share/cups. ex:/usr/share/cupsBuat bukan e Data for fail-fail default tDo not translate the keyword between brackets (e. g. ServerName, ServerAdmin, etc
This is the root of the filesystemIni ialah root bagi sistem failName
System group (SystemGroup) The group name for " System " (printer administration) access. The default varies depending on the operating system, but will be sys, system, or root (checked for in that order). ex: sysBuat bukan e Sistem kumpulan kumpulan unama for Sistem pencetak default on sistem sistem atau for in tDo not translate the keyword between brackets (e. g. ServerName, ServerAdmin, etc
They helped create bin Laden and the roots of al Qaeda during the Russian occupation of Afghanistan when the American ClA and the intelligence services of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia...... created this group of people to fight the Russians, in AfghanistanMereka membantu menubuhkan bin Laden akar dari Al- Qaeda,Rusia pendudukan Afghanistan selama ketika CIA Amerika dan Pakistan dan perisikan Arab Saudi mencipta kumpulan ini, dan bahawa Russia melawan di Afghanistan
Enter the root filesystem (i. e. the partition that will be mounted as/at boot time) for the kernel you want to boot hereMasukkan sistem fail root (iaitu petakan yang akan dilekapkan sebagai/pada masa but) untuk kernel yang anda ingin but di sini
The SQRTPI() function returns the non-negative square root of x * PI. It is an error if the argument is negativeFungsi SQRT () mengembalikan punca ganda dua bukan negatif bagi x. Jika x negatif, " NaN " akan dikembalikan
The GEOMEAN() function returns the geometric mean of the given arguments. This is equal to the Nth root of the product of the termsFungsi GEOMEAN () mengembalikan min geometrik bagi argumen yang ditetapkan. Ini sama dengan punca ke-N bagi hasil darab sebutan
Check this option if you want to run X‧ programs that draw into the desktop such as xsnow, xpenguin or xmountain. If you have problems with applications like netscape that check the root window for running instances, disable this optionSemak opsyen ini jika anda ingin manjalankan program X‧ yang melukis dalam desktop seperti xsnow, xpenguin atau xmountain. Jika anda mempunyai masalah dengan aplikasi seperti netscape yang menyemak tetingkap root bagi pelaksanaan, nyahaktifkan opsyen ini
Show root layerRicih lapisan
Run in the root XWindowLaksanakan dalam XWindow root
Some of the files to printed are not readable by the KDE print daemon. This may happen if you are trying to print as a different user to the one currently logged in. To continue printing, you need to provide root 's passwordBeberapa fail yang hendak dicetak tidak dapat dibaca oleh daemon cetakan KDE. Ini mungkin berlaku jika anda cuba mencetak sebagai pengguna lain dalam tempat yang dilog masuk. Untuk meneruskan cetakan, anda perlu memberikan kata laluan root
The ROOTN() function returns the non-negative nth root of xFungsi ROOTN () mengembalikan punca ke-n bukan negatif bagi x
& Root filesystem& Root sistem fail
sets XIM (X Input Method) input style. Possible values are onthespot, overthespot, offthespot and rootmengeset gaya input XIM (Kaedah Input X). Nilai mungkin adalah onthespot, overthespot, offthespot dan root
You are required to change your password immediately (root enforcedAnda diminta untuk menukar katalaluan segera (dikuatkuasa root
& Use direct connection (might need root permissions& Gunakan sambungan terus (mungkin perlukan keizinan dasar
Select whether realtime scheduling should be enabled for the application. The scheduler governs which process will run and which will have to wait. Two schedulers are available: Normal: This is the standard, timesharing scheduler. It will divide fairly the available processing time between all processes. Realtime: This scheduler will run your application uninterrupted until it gives up the processor. This can be dangerous. An application that does not give up the processor might hang the system. You need root 's password to use the schedulerPilih sama ada penjadualan masa sebenar patut diaktifkan untuk aplikasi. Penjadual mengawal proses mana akan berjalan dan yang mana perlu tunggu. Dua penjadual boleh didapatkan: Normal: Ini adalah penjadual standard dan berkongsi masa. Ia akan membahagikan dengan adil masa pemprosesan yang boleh didapatkan antara semua proses. Masa Sebenar: Penjadual ini akan menjalankan aplikasi anda tanpa sampukan sehingga ia meninggalkan pemproses. Ini boleh jadi berbahaya. Aplikasi yang tidak meninggalkan pemproses mungkin menjadikan sistem tergantung. Anda perlu kata laluan root untuk menggunakan penjadual
This section requires special permissions, probably for system-wide changes; therefore, it is required that you provide the root password to be able to change the module 's properties. If you cannot provide the password, the changes of the module cannot be savedSeksyen ini memerlukan keizinan khas, kemungkinan untuk perubahan seluruh sistem; oleh itu, anda dikehendaki menyediakan kata laluan root agar dapat mengubah ciri modul. Jika anda tidak sediakan kata laluan, perubahan modul tidak akan disimpan. Argument is application name
Not Trusted Root CertificateSijil Root Tak DipercayaName
& Root element isUnsur & Root ialah
You must login as root to mount this diskAnda mesti login sebagai root untuk melekapkan cakera ini
Root FolderFolder RootComment
Root directory_ Katalaluan root
Create & root/affix combinations not in dictionaryCipta kombinasi & root/penambah tiada dalam kamus
Laman Paparan 1. Found 74 frasa ayat-ayat yang hampir sama root.Yang ditemui di 3.141 ms.Kenangan terjemahan yang dicipta oleh manusia, tetapi selaras dengan komputer, yang mungkin menyebabkan kesilapan. Mereka datang daripada pelbagai sumber dan tidak diperiksa. Diberi amaran.