sebutan: IPA: /sɚˈveɪ/ ˈsɜːveɪ /ˈsɝveɪ/ /səˈveɪ/ /ˈsɜːveɪ/ , SAMPA: /s@`"veI/ /s@"veI/ /"s3:veI/ /"s3`veI/  

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    A Web site component that presents users with a set of questions specified by the creator of the survey and collects user responses. Results are tallied in a graphical summary. Requires a Web server that is running Windows SharePoint Services.

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The operation of finding the contour, dimensions, position, or other particulars of, as any part of the earth's surface, whether land or water; also, a measured plan and description of any portion of country, or of a road or line through it.
To examine and ascertain, as the boundaries and royalties of a manor, the tenure of the tenants, and the rent and value of the same.
To determine the form, extent, position, etc., of, as a tract of land, a coast, harbor, or the like, by means of linear and angular measurements, and the application of the principles of geometry and trigonometry; as, to survey land or a coast.
A critical examination of facts or conditions to provide information on a situation. Usually conducted by interviews and/or on-site visitations.
A detailed critical inspection.
survey (scene)
operation of finding the contour, dimensions or position as any part of the earth's surface
act of surveying
To inspect, or take a view of; to view with attention, as from a high place; to overlook; as, to stand on a hill, and survey the surrounding country.
To examine with reference to condition, situation, value, etc.; to examine and ascertain the state of; as, to survey a building in order to determine its value and exposure to loss by fire.
an examination
To view with a scrutinizing eye; to examine.
to inspect; to examine
The act of surveying; a general view, as from above.
A particular view; an examination, especially an official examination, of all the parts or particulars of a thing, with a design to ascertain the condition, quantity, or quality; as, a survey of the stores of a ship; a survey of roads and bridges; a survey of buildings.
To dispose of after determining that something is no longer useful for its intended purpose (military) "Surveyed Old Rope." -William Bligh.
time (sound, gauge, estimate)

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en Surveying our progress
ms Survei kemajuan kita
Laman Paparan 1. Found 2 frasa ayat-ayat yang hampir sama survey.Yang ditemui di 1.69 ms.Kenangan terjemahan yang dicipta oleh manusia, tetapi selaras dengan komputer, yang mungkin menyebabkan kesilapan. Mereka datang daripada pelbagai sumber dan tidak diperiksa. Diberi amaran.